IEX Cloud Disclaimers

Real-time Data on IEX Cloud

All references to "real-time" data refer to data being delivered in real-time via the IEX Cloud API on a best efforts basis as soon as IEX Cloud has this data available.

IEX Cloud real-time data is differentiated from data available from Investors Exchange via direct connection. Furthermore, "real-time" is not intended to be a guarantee as to the precise speed or timing of any data.

Values for real-time stock prices on IEX Cloud are sourced from Investors Exchange (IEX) stock price data. If IEX does not have a quote or trade in a given stock in the most recent 15 minutes during the trading day, IEX Cloud will provide 15-minute delayed SIP data for the real-time stock price of that stock.

To receive 15-minute delayed prices for Nasdaq-listed stocks, UTP authorization is required. Learn more.

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